Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Not terribly sexy and prone to peck off your head if you're not careful, the Gashant is Mars' answer to the evolutionary question, "What was I thinking?"...

Seriously, I think these figures are brilliant.  Kudos to "Uncle Frank" for taking a dinosaur and giving it a beak.

This particular pattern was inspired by the Great and Terrible Rob C., who has challenged and vexed me greatly for decades. At least I think it is, or else I'm subconciously thinking about budgies, which can't be a good sign...

These are actually the first is a set of Martian Cavalry I'm working on. Details to follow...

- Finis(???)


  1. Nice colour selection (bronze champrons ftw!) With no fixed colour guide, it is always interesting to see what people come up with.

    Since you are considering budgies for inspiration, will your Canal Martian cavalry units be on matched mounts?

  2. Good question, Pat. I've decided AFA Canal martians are concerned, they'll be on the "crested" (e.g. newer) gashant version. Maybe the better Œnotrian cavalry flights sport matching mounts - like Napoleons Guard cavalry.


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