Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reviresco 2.95 Inch Mountain Gun and Crew - Painted

These were finished about a week ago - it took me some time to settle down and post piccies.

Reviresco minis seem to paint up remarkably well for figures that are two decades old or more. These are painted in duty smocks and tropical kit.  I must needs go back and paint in the eyes on the crew - also, a standing figure in tropical kit went missing during the painting process, which turned up a day or two ago.

Must flock those bases on the pack train. And order another two sets.

- finis -

Saturday, January 11, 2014

French Marine Artillerists from Askari Miniatures

Shiney New for 2014, these were a pleasant surprise when I visited the Askari Miniatures website on New Year's Day.  Ali Askari and I had discussed the need for 1890's French Marine gunners to bring the campaigns of Tonkin, Indo-China and Madagascar to the tabletop - not to mention wargaming on Mars post 1889. These figures fill an important gap, as I could not find any other manufacturers who make them.

Packs come with four figures, one with arm raised, one firing, one standing holding a bore-sponge, one sighting with field glasses.  The figure with the sponge might be puzzling, where a figure holding a shell might have been  plus appropriĆ© - though would still be necessary to sponge the barrel for the older French guns in use in les colonies.

Animation is nice - a different pose for each. Detail is good. Proportions are also good - the figures seem a little larger than the previously released French Marine Infantry (comparison pics forthcoming).  I hope that Askari Minis isn't giving in to scale-creep - there are plenty of larger scaled colonial period miniatures available. 

Shown below with an Old Glory French Marine on the left and a RAFM British Martian "Sepoy" on the right.

From left to right: 1 Old Glory, 4 Askari, 1 RAFM

Askari Miniatures French Marine Artillerists
Animation: 4
Detail: 4
Proportions: 4
Variety: 4
Overall: 4 out of 5

Apparently, I cannot leave the miniatures of mixed manufacturers alone on the photo table, as when I had returned, the poor Old Glory Marsouin, outnumbered (but not out-gunned), was having the wind put up him by Les Bigors - allegedly for his hyper-active pose.

O Marsouin, ne vous regardez oĆ¹ vous sont en marche?

Ah, the joys of a friendly, inter-service rivalry...

- finis -