Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Joyeux Noël du front.

Nos braves garçons s'arrêtent de défendre nos intérêts sur mars-pour un dîner de Noël bien mérité. Toute la France vous salue, braves soldats poilus. 

- finis -

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Preparing for Market Day

Supplies are arriving for my "Sédition dans le Souk!" IHMN game, scheduled for the Christmas break.  Today, I received the 28mm Town Square Fountain from Rob Rumfelt at Novus Design Studio.

Fountain by Novus Design, 25mm Bobby by Grenadier

This is my second fountain from Novus Design - I like that they arrive finished (just need a shot of dull-cote - make sure you cover and protect the "water") and ready for play. Looks like they're darkening the plastic/resin for the stonework, which suits me. The good folks at Novus might consider in future of offering their product in two or three shades of stone. This would reduce potential need for painting the stone.

Also received today is the "Sandy Cobblestones" mat from Mats By Mars.  This was a lucky break, as I wanted something to represent the cobbling of a Martian city (or Egyptian), and for less than $20 for a 2' x 2' square, the price was right. This is my second mat from Mats by Mars, and I'll certainly be buying again in the near future.

Market Square with "Sandy Cobblestone" Mat by Mars

In the case of both these products, the item went from ordered to my doorstep in under a week. That's gold-star service. Well done, Novus Design Studio and Mats by Mars.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Sédition dans le Souk!" IHMN:1889 for the French on Mars

Sédition dans le Souk (WIP)

The noted French anarchist, Julius Sébastien Lazare, is rumoured to be on Mars. French Constabulary, acting on information from the Martian Office of the Súreté, are searching a native Martian market square in Idæus Fons for clues to the rapscallion's whereabouts. The inspectors are backed up with some muscle from the native Gendarmes.

The Native Market at Idæus Fons

This will be a clues/information gathering game with occasional outbursts of native resistance. The closer the player-inspecteurs get to collaring Lazare, the greater the likelyhood of a violent confrontation.

Updates soon.

Monday, January 1, 2018


At least that's what I think they're all shouting - unless it's "God Save the Queen - Empress!"

Both will do. : )

Thursday, March 30, 2017

WIP - French Cloudship on Mars

Ironclad Miniatures in the UK have a nifty small Martian Cloudship available that I'm modifying for use by the French on Mars.

To begin, the French colony doesn't have the ship building capacity which the British enjoy in Syrtis Major. With a limited ability to build modern aerial gunboats, the authorities in Idaeus Fons must improvise, and the French-Martian Colonial Airfleet is comprised mostly of native, wooden designs in French service.

Resin bits by Ironclad Miniatures

Since my cloudship was going to be retrofitted with steam, dans la méthode des Américains, I wanted extra space for the steam engine, so I replaced the deck supplied with a new deck, cut from light balsa and basswood. The lower hull will remain the same, save for the addition of an air-screw or two.

Miniatures by Askari

Depicted for the reader's gentle delectation are four French Naval artillerymen, from Askari Miniatures. I am debating placing a half-height deck house/covered hatch in the centre, but have yet to find a model I like....

- finis - 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cheshire Circus from Brigade Games

After a dismal posting record for 2016, my New Year's resolution is to post at least once a month in 2017, for both my miniature wargame blogs. This will include works-in-progress.

Cheshire Family Circus from Brigade Games

For the next IHMN project on my table, the Cheshire Circus Family from Brigade Games was selected to represent a "Cirque de Sang", which will be troubling my Police Métropolitaine de Paris.

Sword Swallower, Fool, Strongman, Ringmaster

The English-style Cheshire Circus was selected because it more closely represents a European circus, especially with the "Punchinello-esque Fool/Clown and the "Arabian" characters of the Knife-thrower and Strong man.

Knive Thrower, Jester, Juggler
 Miniatures are cleanly cast, with good detailing and animation. 

Bearded Lady, 2-headed Man, Contortionist

These miniatures also work for any period from the 19th Century to the mid-late 20th, and thus will be performing double-duty, as part of a 7TV adventure on my Sci-Fi Blog.

Brigade Games Cheshire Family Circus
Animation: 4.5
Detail: 4.5
Proportions: 4
Variety: 5
Overall: 4.5 out of 5

- finis -