Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mind the Gap - Canal Martian Artillerists

One of the challenges in miniature wargaming is filling the Product Gap in a line of miniatures.  In the RAFM Space:1889 line, there is a current dearth of Maritan native artillerists. I say "current" because RAFM is currently discussing how best to expand this line, and I hope they are contemplating new artillerist figs for the Canal Martians.

In the meantime, I've been using RAFM Elves of the Crystal Isles "buccaneers", which can be found, occasionally, on eBay. These were sculpted by Bob Murch, who also sculpted many if not all of the RAFM Martians, so they fit in fairly well.  The only divergence is the elves are wearing boots/shoes.

I can live with that.

- finis -


  1. The Martian Colonial infantry are particularly nice sculpts. I am using an NCO for the leader of my Hill Martian skirmisher unit. My assumption is that, like in the Indian Mutiny on Earth, he deserted from the Red Men and returned home to help lead his people out of oppression.

    If the Colonial artillery crew is as nice, they might fit the bill as well. Especially if you paint their uniforms with a little V in darker colour for where they tore their stripes off ;)

  2. That's a great idea and I'll have it!

    Thanks Pat!


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