Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Steppe Martians

Here are some RAFM Steppe Martians, which I was able to finish over the (US) Thanksgiving weekend.

The colours were inspired by Native American Plains Indians, including the "paint" scheme of the gashants. Spears were (Old Glory?) tips added to piano wire.

RAFM minis are fun to paint - pity the line is still so limited.

These minis will probably do double duty, in both British service (as Graham's Irregulars) and French service (as Xanthe Desert Goumiers). I still need to paint European officers for the respective nationalities.

RAFM Steppe Martians
Animation: 4
Detail: 4
Proportions: 4
Variety: 1
Overall: 3.25 out of 5

Release the harka!

- finis -

Monday, April 18, 2016

Warbands of the Cimmerian League

Whilst my attention has been diverted, I haven't altogether been neglecting my Martian forces, and was able to finish off a warband between 7TV projects.

From the Hesperian Basin, on Mars, some irregulars. These might appear in the service of the Hesperian Basin Trade Company (HBTC) or deployed against them.

These are from RAFM. They're painted in jewel-tones to suggest a militia from a fairly prosperous town. No firearms, as the Cimmerian League is a bit far from most European trade...for now.

To begin, some archers:

Miniatures by RAFM

And some swordsmen.  I intend to fit them with shields, just as soon as I locate where I've put them. Yes, I need to paint the eyes...again.

Miniatures by RAFM

Finally, the leader. I used an elf from the old Grenadier line. They're also available from Mirlton, for ruinous shipping costs. The gashant is RAFM.

Rider by Grenadier, mount by RAFM

Rider by Grenadier, mount by RAFM
He's riding a bit high in the stirrups - probably shouting "Charge!" or "View hallooo!".

- finis -