Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Walking Land Monitor by Old Glory Miniatures

Walking Land Monitor by Old Glory Miniatures
Picture by Old Glory Miniatures

 I've had my eye on this contraption for a few years - it seems that every time I would go to Old Glory's website, I would lose track of where it was, and then my attention would be taken by another new shiney. It's carefully concealed in the 25mm Figures/Fantasy/SciFi Vehicles folder.

Recently I stumbled over it (looking for London thugs), again, but I quickly popped it into my cart and pressed the "fire" button. And I'm glad I did.

The Walking Land Monitor embodies much that is good in Victorian Sci Fi, while avoiding too deeply the "Steampunk" trap: it can be used across nationalities (though the design quite rightly looks American) but doesn't have the silly "I found this in the remainders bin" quality that seems to attend upon certain quarters of this hobby.

Walking Land Monitor Kit, on a 1"/25mm grid

The kit comes in 15 parts. The resin is well cast, with some flash that's easily removed. The detail is very good, with rivets, access plates and hatches moulded on. Included are two gatling guns (there are two ammo drums for the gatlings, not shown in the picture) and what looks to be an 11" Dahlgren - very appropriate. 

My only quibble is a minor, apples-to-oranges one - I wish it was a tripod. The undercarriage/drive train (left of the turret) precludes an easy conversion to a three-legged version. As I'm following the Space: 1889 canon of Imperial Germany deploying tripods, I'm placed in something of a quandary. Shall I build it as is, or attempt a conversion?

Rating: 5 out of 5. Full marks!

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