Wednesday, January 8, 2020

28mm Werewolf Hunters from Old Glory

Figures and warehouse by Old Glory

The first finished Victorian-era miniatures of 2020* are from the Old Glory/Blue Moon "Things that go Bump in the Night" line: I had a Howling Good Time.

Figures and warehouse by Old Glory

Ye gods and little fishes!, as my grandmother would say; these were both a chore and a delight to paint. I purchased this box set because I like the style of the ladies, and wanted some models for my Trieste Company for In Her Majesty's Name. The ladies were indeed fun and rewarding to paint, but I found the male figures difficult and a bit frustrating, especially the gypsy-like character.

Figures and warehouse by Old Glory

All of the models have good detail, excellent proportions, and decent animation. The ladies especially have a nice style.  The male figures are rather "busy", with shirts, belts, vests, packs, jackets, hats, scarfs, etc. Due to some of the odd accouterments, combined with the civilian portrayal, I found it difficult to tell exactly *what* was being depicted by the sculptor. The box art was helpful, (though not as helpful as I would have liked) and I'm fair pleased with the result.

Figures and warehouse by Old Glory

As with the Sleepy Hollow set, I yielded to the impulse to paint these models' bases as though they were game pieces - packaged as they are as a stand alone game (Nota bene; the one-page rules were absent...again.)

I'm adding another category for rating miniature figures; relate-ability. If I have to guess at what the sculptor was intending, the relate-ability rating goes down.

Animation: 4.5
Detail: 5
Proportions: 5
Relate-ability: 4

Overall: 4.75 out of 5

Also included in the set are several werewolves, which I set aside, lost and found again. I plan on painting these up in the near future, as part of an IHMN/1889 Gothic game.

- finis -

*Point of clarification: I started painting these several years ago, at least as far back as 2016. As I mentioned, the male figures were a chore.


  1. A great looking collection of hunters. Looking forward to seeing how 1889 shapes up.

  2. Hi...Is there any chance that You and your Friends will hold another Space 1889 Battle again- Your last Battle was back in September 2014...I like what you do and appreciate your Space 1889 Battles - certainly something to emulate. Regards. KEV.

    1. Hi Kev, good suggestion; a nice battle would be grand. Back in 2016, I moved a bit further away from the centre of the local gaming world, so the AARs suffered. I'll see about remedying the situation.

    2. Thank you for the reply. I wish you well finding a local gaming world to be engauged in miniature battles- SPACE 1889 is a favorite - certainly look forward to anything you do in this regard.


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