Sunday, October 4, 2015

All Your Liftwood Are Belong To Us

Here's a bit of frivolity for your delectation - I found this image on an old thumb drive. It's from a shirt design, made for the referees for our convention away teams, back in 2008.  We wanted something to help set the tone as being apart from British Colonial.

We also gave one to Uncle Frank (Chadwick) - after all, a man can't have too much Space 1889 memorabilia.

The image is of a marsoun (French Marine Infantry), planting his regimental banner in the north-east rim of the Acidaliium Basin on Mars - not exactly a hopeful sign for the Acidalium League.

The French phrase is a translation of this article's title, with a nod to Zero Wing - makes a nice change from the "Keep Calm..." meme that's currently making its rounds.

- finis -


  1. Thats really great! Little projects like this inject hug amounts of flavour and character.
    Do you still have the shirt too?

    "Vôtre dans une sauce au vin blanc!" :-)

  2. Hello Paul,

    I do have it, somewhere about. Not a t-shirt sort, am I.

    We teased Frank about selling them (I think we said some guy in Canada was making them, before we let him in on the joke) but we really wouldn't sell them without licensing from Frank.

  3. They're wonderful, and I'd certainly consider buying one - if the French were a bit better!

    Lord only knows what liftwood ought to be in French (bois volant?), but retaining the original term would be easier for rosbifs to understand generally, but the plural would probably become "liftwoods".

    So that would make it "Tous vos liftwoods nous apparteinnent!" or "Tous vos liftwoods sont à nous!".

    Alternatively you could just claim "Oh that's the way they translated it for us in Quebec" ...

    (I think Marsoun was simply a typo for Marsouin - you've used it correctly before.)

    Je vous prie d'accepter, monsieur, l'expression de mes sentiments distinguées et je reste entièrement à votre disposition.


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