Saturday, February 23, 2013

Le Bois qui Soulève - Sneak Preview for Cold Wars

The following is a sneak preview of a game Bob Giglio and I are running at Cold Wars next month.  The scenario, entitled "Le Bois qui Soulève -  France Needs Liftwood!" is based on a liftwood raid, conducted by the French against the High Martians of the Eastern Tempe hills.  I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone who might be planning to play, so I’m just going to post some piccies of the highlights of the playtest.

French Kite Afire

En evant à la Victoire!

High Martians

Harpon-class gunship evades a screw galley.

Franco-Martian Tirailleurs and Militia

It's all about the Liftwood...

High Martians swooping down upon Les Marines

Magazine Critical Hit

 - finis -


  1. It ends with an earth-shattering KABOOM!

    I love it.

    The flight stand for the unit of High Martians in the third photo... how did you make it/where did you get it, please?

  2. That looks splendid. DId you use SC, Bob's fabled SC2, or some other rules?

  3. Thank you, Gents.

    The flight stands were hand made out of plexi. Materials cost about USD $150.00 for eight stands. The most difficult part was making the tripodal bases - they have a high arch and taper to a moderate point. This allows them to be placed right above a unit of troops, to support, bomb or drop spikes or liquid fire.

    I'll ask Bob about posting a set of plans.

    Clive - Yes, SC2. It's a tweaked version of the same game, with the addition of Action Points and Close Range modifiers. These grew out of multiple Convention gaming sessions - It was found that the concept of Action Points where easier for new players to grasp, while experienced gamers wanted more detail for shooting up close.

    1. OK that's interesting. Bob and I corresponded about SC2 several years back, with me doing some proof-reading and debugging, and offering lots of unsolicited advice (which was certainly worth precisely what he paid for it). It doesn't look like Mr Chadwick will ever get interested in publishing it, unfortunately.

  4. Clive, one never knows. Perhaps if "Mars Needs Steam" makes an impression, Frank might be tempted to bring back the larger scale Soldier's Companion.

    I think that MNS is taking most of his rules-writing attention at the moment.

    Keith F.


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