Thursday, March 21, 2013

French LaHitolle 95mm Rifled Breechloader

Here's another artillery piece the French introduced after La Catastrophe of 1871 - the Lahitolle 95mm Breechloader.  Like the deBange, these were used well into the Great War and beyond, with many placed on the Maginot line, facing Germany in WWII.


From what I've read, the French brought a pair of these into action against the Moroccan oasis-town of Figuig in 1903 and after a few hour's bombardment, in which several hundred inhabitants were killed, the town surrendered.

This cannon was superceded in 1877 with the introduction of the deBange, and represents the perfect obsolescent weaponry that might end up in the armory of La Coloniale. It's interesting to note that the model pictured was modernised in 1888.


Old Glory 25mm Cruesot
No manufacturer makes a 25/28mm copy.  I intend to use either Old Glory's Creusot gun from their Boer War line and try to build up the stepped barrel, or else the Egyptian Krupp gun from their Sudan range.
Old Glory 25mm Krupp

For Soldier's Companion, I'm tempted to rate this as a low-powered 12-pdr breechloader:

Weight: Medium  Pen: 1/1  DV: 1   RoF:1  Crew: 4   Range: 3/6
- finis


  1. That will be a nice addition to your forces. The rating seems about right as well.

  2. Hi Pat,

    The rating could be slightly weak, 95mm being a respectable bore - in which case, adjust the penetration to 2/1.Certainly its performance shouldn't be better than the deBange 90.


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