Sunday, December 2, 2012

One Reek, Two Reek...

Here are some pics of a Star Wars miniatures Reek, which you will remember from the first Star Wars prequel "The Jar-Jar Menace" or some such.

While the film leaves summat to be desired, some of the WOTC miniatures can be used for Victorian Sci-Fi - the less discriminating you are, the more you can use.

But I digress...

Pictured at right with a RAFM 28mm Soldier of the Queen, the reader should immediately see the possibilities for SPACE:1889.  About the scale size of a Rummet Breehr, and one doesn't need to kit-bash thissun, either.

I'm planning on having these brutes dragging my Martian Rogue guns, and maybe mount a Martian marabout atop the back, or in the Martian equivalent of a howdah.

- finis -


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