Saturday, November 17, 2012

Painted Chasseurs de Mars - Les Bouchers Bleus

Here are some piccies of my latest paint project - dismounted Chasseurs d'Afrique (on Mars) with some mounted officers, reviewed in a previous post.

These turned out well - Askari minis are fairly straightforward to paint, though their painting guides leave something to be desired as far as full coverage of the topic goes. Still, you can't beat the price.

Here are some mounted officers, also from Askari. Not shown is a third figure in tropical dress and helmet which will be leading the next punitive expedition against the Martians of the Tempe Hills.

Here the Askari officers ares shown with my old Frontier Chass d'Afs

 The difference in scale isn't terribly noticeable, and one comes to expect that officers and sergents will be better fed, both man and mount, than your rank and file Poilu.

 - finis -

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