Monday, October 8, 2012

Royal Mounted Gashant Corps

Inspired as I was by an article in Transactions of the Royal Martian Geographic Society, Volume 1,
I decided to paint up a company of gashant-mounted infantry.

Formed in 1890 by General Willis under the command of Major. B. Lee Kendhall of The Border Regt., the Royal Gashant Corps are infantry, mounted upon Martian Gashants. Armed with the Lee Metford rifle, they dismount for combat, the gashants being simply a method to move them quickly to battle.

The corps badge is the Queen's Crown with the letters "RGC" emblasoned beneath.

In Soldier's Companion, the RGC is rated as V1 and treated as Mounted Infantry. For campaign purposes, the RGC moves as cavalry and receives a +1 benefit to their Forced March roll (more likely to succeed/negates the Humans on Mars penalty) due to their native Martian mounts.

Miniatures are Old Glory Boer War range MI, on RAFM Gashants with Martian Tack.  Despite its name, the Martian tack consists only of a set of reins, with no saddle. Since the OG figures come cast "in the saddle" the two went together with a minimum of work.

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