Saturday, December 24, 2011

Askari Miniature’s Senegalese Tirailleurs

I decided to restart my 19th Century gaming with a slight shift - and have begun painting a French force for use in West Africa, Chad and Mars.  Being tied to the "middle" 25mm scale, as that is what the majority of my hundreds of minis are, I sought out Askari Miniatures for the backbone of French Imperialism on the Dark Continent - the Tirailleurs Senelgais.
Tirailleurs Advancing (1 inch grid)

I must admit, I have some mixed feelings about these figures. The scale is good “larger 25mm”, like the old Frontier Miniatures or the more modern RAFM lines. Animation is a bit stiff, especially on the French officers. The rank and file soldiers are similar par to the old Frontier Miniatures line, and are sculpted Advancing and Firing.  The metal is a tad brittle, and in two shipments, I've received three riflemen with broken-off bayonets.


The detail is fair – I’m probably spoiled by Bob Murch’s sculpts of the Space 1889 figures.

Colonial Artillery Command Pack
These figures match up well with RAFM Colonial and Space 1889 figures, and that counts quite a bit. 

Size Comparison with RAFM British (darker)

As far as the line goes, there are Not Enough Poses.  NCO positions are being filled by the various command askari, but they are not wearing the complete Tirailleur kit (barefoot). The line would benefit from the addition of a figure lunging or charging with the bayonet.

Painted in Ministry du Marine uniform

Animation: 3
Variety: 3
Detail: 3
Proportions: 3

Final grade: 3 (out of 5) 

- finis

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