Friday, September 23, 2011

Space: 1889 - Soldier's Companion Playtest

Less of a playtest and more of a refresher, as Soldier's Companion was our ruleset of choice for gaming most any colonial scenario - even, or especially, above The Sword and the Flame.  I know that there are die-hard Bromheads out there, and the best of luck to 'em, we just didn't like TSATF.

Memory informed me that the Martians had a very difficult time standing up to Imperial troops so the scenario we set up had the Martians defending an outwork of a larger fortress.  I've been working on a campaign centred on the city-state of Shastapsh (pron "Shasta-pssshhhh") so the troops used reflected this.

Meepsoor Fencibles
Moeris Lacus Infantry

Native Martian Redoubt

Native Reserves

Moeris Lacus Infantry supported by 
Royal Artillery and Meepsoors

Native Martians charge "our" Martians...

...with expected results.

Imperial troops seize the Ravellin!

Royal Artillery played by Old Minifigs

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