Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Play up! Play Up!

After about a 12 year break, I’ve found myself drawn back into 19th century colonial wargaming.  This was my first love, having watched as a youngster the exploits of the 24th Foot in the film Zulu Dawn.  Rather than shoe-horn a new era and scale (I liked 25mm back in those days) into my sci-fi gaming blog Tempests in a Teapot, I’m decided to launch this companion blog.

This blog will cover British Colonial as well as Victorian Science Fiction – there won’t be much Steampunk, as I’m not a big fan of dystopia. The notion that our own worst enemy is ourselves may well be true, but that’s not what I’m looking for in Victorian Sci-Fi.

I favour the desperate last stands, the final bullet, the trumpet’s clarion call ringing above temples to foreign gods. The bugle as it sounds Last Post and Chorus...with the occasional big, honking steam tank thrown in for good measure.

So, play up, play up and shake the dice for sixes. 

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