Thursday, December 31, 2015

Société Impériale Martien de Trieste

Here's a little writeup, designed to introduce the Hapsburgs into Space 1889/IHMN

The Imperial Martian Society of Trieste is an Austrian commercial enterprise, based in Trieste, and offers passenger and cargo service between Trieste and Mars.  This is often through leased tonnage on British, French, Russian or German ether flyers.

The Austrian Government is primarily concerned with thwarting Russian ambitions in the Balkans, and as a result of this lack of interest, Austria has no territorial concessions on Mars. Austrian commercial factors trade through the Martian enclaves of friendly countries, especially Prussia, Russia, Britain and France. The Martian Trade consists of exported foodstuffs such as wheat, rice and flour and finished goods such as metal tools and cookware. The Trieste Company also trades (by special order) in heavy machinery: locomotives, boilers, pump and drive engines.  

The Trieste Company is currently looking toward expanding their interest in the Hesperian/Cimmerian Basin, an area relatively untouched by the other Great Powers.

Troops: The Trieste Company has few regular troops, instead relying upon hired irregular bands of Hesperian or Cimmerian Canal Martians, commanded by officers of the Royal and Imperial (KuK) Austrian Navy, along with some mounted contingents. These are occasionally stiffened by a company or platoon of sailors from the Imperial (KuK) Austrian Navy.

Uniform: Crewmen and Officers wear a version of the Imperial Austrian Postal uniform (itself based on the army pattern): dark blue tunic with light blue trousers and a low-crowned shako. Working/field order consists of a white, naval-style jumper with a white field cap or dark blue beret.

Weaponry: Single-shot breechloaders (M1867 Werndl/Holub) or Lorenz rifled muskets for the European troops. Pattern 1842 Augustin muskets or rifled muskets for company/martian troops. 

Miniatures available: Any good Martian figure for the local troops. Any good late 19th century Austrian sailors for the "on loan" company troops. Use Austrian naval officer miniatures for the Postmaster/Officers.

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