Sunday, September 21, 2014

Elves as Steppe Martians

Hat-tip: The Miniatures Page

Picture from Combat Zone Chronicles:

 Here's a link to a nice article by Canadian wargame enthusiast Gisby, proving that when the main miniature manufacturer let's them down, the Fans Will Find a Way:

Well done, Gisbs!

- finis -


  1. Great photo and nice miniatures!

  2. These aren't mine - They're Gisby's. But I agree, these are an excellent source and I wanted to share that.

  3. Great page and pics from this fellow. I found it a copy of years ago.

    I'm a copy cat and have some of these in my Hill Martian mercenary units, but not as well painted. You can get them at some reasonable prices to in the UK for metal.

  4. Years ago, I bought and painted a batch of Napoleonic French elves from the game Flintloque, and declared that there was at least one Martian prince who idolized Earth's greatest conqueror-hero.

    1. That's rather clever and a touch brilliant!


  5. Thanks for the referral, I have a SPACE 1889 German Tripod on my blog at


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