Sunday, July 6, 2014

Factions for 'In Her Majesty's Name' 1889

Here are the foot soldiers for two factions of a In Her Majesty's Name game I'm working on for the Fall Convention season.

First are some Parisian police, based on the following picture:

These were had from The Virtual Armchair General B'Hoy's line.  These were a treat to paint, being of mainly one colour.  I decided against painting in the waistbelt, as I was already happy with the effect and was feart o cocking it up.

Next are some rough sailors, up from the quay side.  These are from Brigade Game's Victorian line:

These will provide some muscle for the upcoming factions, est ce pas?

- finis -


  1. Love your blog! Very inspirational and lots of fantasy.Keep up the good work.I will start following your projects from now on! Cheers!

  2. I too am woking on a few IHMN factions adjusted for use on Mars - currently have modified FFL and a Royal Naval Aerial Service landing Party. Am planning some European cavalry on native mounts too, as soon as I can settle on which models to go with.

  3. Thank you, gents, for the kind words.

    Paul, excellent idea, and fortunately the basing for Soldier's Companion and IHMN are compatible.

    AFA mounts are concerned, I can only think of RAFM's gashants or Brigade/Parroom's "plorses". Maybe ask Brigade if he'll sell them separately.

    Ptr - thank you and WELCOME!

  4. I'll check those out - thanks!

  5. I have a few Adventuring Companies for IHMN myself...


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