Monday, June 23, 2014

Legio Skorosiam

Just finished to 95% (once again, I still need to put it the eyes) but well pleased with the colour scheme of this Skorosian company of the XXth "Dauntless" Legion, miniatures by RAFM.

The original GDW text called for russet as their distinctive colour - I went a trifle redder than russet and gave them a white base uniform.  Rather Roman, innit?

Seen below parading near the Grand Canal of Skorosia (or else larking about the front garden).  The shield-gunners are still massed with the rest of the shooters, as the Kaiser's advisers have yet to retrain this legion for the Sturmtaktik.

These are part of my Fadathi War Soldier's Companion campaign project, which is still slowly building.

- finis -


  1. Lovely!
    Very Nice color and I like their uniforms, a lot!
    Getting a huge inspiration from your blogg, sir!

  2. Looking good sir! I use the RAFM minis myself, though I go with a more traditional reddish Martian, a la Burroughs.

  3. Thank you, gentlemen.

    JW - I think everyone puts their own sensibilities into the colour of the Martian skin-tone. I've long since eschewed the official colour myself, finding the official "pale yellow" to be unattractive on the gaming table.

    I might try red skin myself, once I get round to painting Tossians.

  4. Late tot he game but great stuff!


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