Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painted: French Marine Artillerists from Askari Miniatures

My 28mm French Marine Artillerists (aka les Bigors) from Askari Miniatures have been waiting patiently for several weeks, as they were finished earlier this month - it's just taken me some time to take the photies.

Askari miniatures do paint up nicely.  I decided to opt for the 1889 uniform colours for the first batch of figures, I will follow up with either white tropical dress or, more likely, khaki for the next set. I have used Armory (and now Citadel) white prime since forever as it gives the miniature a happy glow.

"Tirer sur la vache..."

 Since the readers seem to like these battery-in-action tableaux, I'm including two for your delectation. The gun is from the Old Glory Spanish American line.

Nous sommes ouverts pour le commerce. Nur kasse.

The business-end of a piece de 90mm emplacement. Cash only.

Next to pick up some of Askari Al's Schutzetruppen, and the inter-colonial fun begins.

- finis -


  1. Thank you gents. I agree with Baconfat - Askari did a fine job with these minis.

  2. Je vous remercie, Majeur D'onri.

    I'll be trying to set up a game at Maplewood where you may put them to good use.


  3. Très bon travail, et c'est de la part d'un Français!
    Great work, and it's from a Frenchie!

  4. I just ran across this--pretty cool! In doing research for the figures, I found paintings of the Colonial Artillery in the blue/white uniform but I've painted mine in khaki. It's fun to see them in the other uniform colors. Well done!


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