Sunday, September 29, 2013

2nd Mœris Lacus Dragoons

Another unit for my "Drums along the Shastapsh" campaign - the 2nd Mœris Lacus Dragoons.

These are the junior squadron in the Mœris Lacus Trucial Military District.  They wear the green "Parhuni" styled turban, with surplus "Oxford Mix" trousers reinforced with leather from local sources on the inside leg and seat of pants. They have a modern khaki tunic, with orange facings.

Although displaying the Wilkinson-pattern light cavalry sabre, they are also armed with a Parhuni long knife for dismounted work, along with the pattern 1878 Martini-Enfield carbine. 

Orange shoulder tabs
Figures are from RAFM.

As a junior formation, they rate a very modest T1 in Soldier's Companion - however, as mounted natives, they are very useful for scouting work and vedette duty.  They are unlikely to stand very long under fire, but we'll eventually see, along the Mœris-Shastapsh canal, of what what mettle they're made.

- finis


  1. They look rather splendid Sir,are they free for hire?Could do with some of those chaps ;)


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