Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raid on Kraag Sagonaar - Partie La Troisième - Attack of the Sky Galleons

High Martian Sky Galleon moves to engage Meduse and Rapiere
 The raid was going well for the French - by turns 7/8, the Sapeurs Martiennes had secured a growing sample of le sirdique and had returned to the kite, Meduse.

Standing by to Repel Boarders
Furious flying Martians hurled themselves at the French for committing such eco-sacrilege, but again, Lebel and Hotchkiss cannon fire were able to break up the charging beastmen.

High Martian cloudships from nearby dependent clans began to arrive piecemeal via the board edges, and the French took the message and made ready to depart.

Almost on cue, the French kite took a random critical hit to the rudder - while facing exactly opposite their designated exit board edge. 

"Make fast and rig for towing!"

Without losing initiative, Colonel Montrie  brought Rapiere along side the stricken kite and grappled both ships together. 

He then made to tow the kite and her sirdique-wood cargo off board.



The High Martian players were not going to be so easily denied, as their heavy Hullcutter galley bore down on both French ships, a smaller Endtime galley attempted to ram the tow lines.

The ram was successful, but the towline held, and le Rapiere, bellowing smoke from her stack, made full steam for the French colony at Idaeus Fons.

The French Won!
Vive la France!
A Hullcutter lines up to ram

Down in Flames

Meduse under tow from Rapiere as the French exit

Post Game Thoughts:

The game was entertaining and amusing.  As I have mentioned previouly, the French play a bit differently than the British, with fragile-yet-heavily-armed indigenous troops stiffened by Marines. 

Losing le Rapiere would have shifted the result toward a French Defeat, as it is their only steel gunboat on Mars - the French players understood this, and were aware that they were never further from defeat than a lucky critical hit. 

The Martian cloudships arrived randomly over a two-turn period, and were positioned to surround the French aerial squadron, but were unable to coordinate, due mainly to the aggressive maneuvering of le Rapiere (and quite a bit of luck).

- Finis -


  1. So enjoyable and pleasantly illustrated! Compliments and thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks to have been great fun. Chapeau mon brave!

  3. Great series on a great looking battle.


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