Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tirailleurs Martien

Up to now, my Martian Tirailleurs miniatures have been RAFM British Martian proxies, and they have served well, if without distinction. I've finally finished off a batch of them in the uniform of the French Coloniale, which I think the reader will agree, is rather different.

This paint scheme was copied from the Tirailleurs Seneglais, with a khaki head cloth instead of a red fez.  This reflects the French sensitivities to to the realities of Mars - red is the colour of the Earthmen, so changing the traditional red  tirailleur headwear to khaki allows the Martians to retain a degree of their "Martian-ness".  It also makes for a less obvious target when its in khaki. Also, the figures didn't look right with white head cloths.

I had given some thought to detailing white cloths with tribal patterns for the headwear, but following the French example in North Africa, decided they would discourage tribalism in the Colonie Martienne. 

"Aujourd'hui, mes enfants jaune, vous êtes Français!"

Khaki it is.

Pupils not yet put in.

The RAFM figures lend themselves well to the different uniform - though in retrospect, I should have added a bedroll atop the packs, in the style of the Legion and the Zouaves. Also, the water bottle is off, the French using the equivalent of the "Ollivier" pattern. Maybe next time - Ce que sera, sera. 

- finis -


  1. Nice repurposing of the models! It's always charming to see what a new coat of paint reveals.

  2. Great work. I love this line even though I will more than likely keep them in proper British Khaki. ;)

    Have you looked at the Union Zouaves? http://www.rafm.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RAF&Product_Code=RAF06607&Category_Code=ACW

    Not as tall as the Martians but have conversion possibilities. Maybe for Venus?

  3. Thank you, Gents.

    Pat, I think that's why I didn't like the white turbans, I'm conditioned to seeing them in khaki - painted this way, they look like Kitchener's Sudanese.

    Interesting Zouaves - height ain't a bother, just slip an extra washer on the base.



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