Saturday, February 25, 2012

Les Marsouins

Finally finished my Old Glory Troupes de Marine (French Marine Infantry).

Marsouin means "porpoise", as the Marines went where the fleet went and followed the navy.

Not to be confused with Fusilier Marines, which are naval sailors trained as infantry to defend naval installations, the Troupes de Marine are the French equivalent to the British Royal Marine Light Infantry. They were at the forefront of hostilities in Tonkin and Madagascar, and they often went where the Legion could not go.

They are painted here in their experimental 1894 Mechanic's Blue denims, which they wore at Tiensen, China and the Relief of Peking. For Space 1889 purposes, I assume a gradual acceleration of the historical timeline, or as I ask my gamers "That?  That's what's bothering you?  They're wearing a kit five years too early...on MARS?"

- finis

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