Thursday, November 29, 2018

"Sédition dans le Souk!" IHMN:1889 for the French on Mars

Sédition dans le Souk (WIP)

The noted French anarchist, Julius Sébastien Lazare, is rumoured to be on Mars. French Constabulary, acting on information from the Martian Office of the Súreté, are searching a native Martian market square in Idæus Fons for clues to the rapscallion's whereabouts. The inspectors are backed up with some muscle from the native Gendarmes.

The Native Market at Idæus Fons

This will be a clues/information gathering game with occasional outbursts of native resistance. The closer the player-inspecteurs get to collaring Lazare, the greater the likelyhood of a violent confrontation.

Updates soon.


  1. Sounds like a fun scenario. Looking forward to seeing more about it.

  2. Thanks for the kind words.

    I think a big challenge will be finding suitable Martian civilians. Must search foe elves. : )

    1. Yikes. That *will* be challenging. Maybe use the reaper miniature finder tool and look for unarmed ones? Or do some headswaps/green stuff work on some african/middle east citizenry?

  3. Giving advice from someone who is so far behind on projects isn't and easy thing. But I've been using Perry and Warlord Sudanese and Zulus for the base frame of civilian Martians as well as the opp elves. The plastic sets from the two above are easy to work with and add green stuff clothing and equipment have given me additional range to my current metal civilians. Also have a think about turning metal human minis into Martians. I've found it easier with females and ancient males. Simple tunics and bald males can have Martian ears and hair styles added. If the arm position are good or can be adjusted packs,boxes,sacks,trays or ropes can be added. I turned (or are turning)some of those plastic sprues into merchants,slavers,slaves and canal sailors / cloudship sailors.

    Well done keep up the good work.


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