Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Steppe Martians

Here are some RAFM Steppe Martians, which I was able to finish over the (US) Thanksgiving weekend.

The colours were inspired by Native American Plains Indians, including the "paint" scheme of the gashants. Spears were (Old Glory?) tips added to piano wire.

RAFM minis are fun to paint - pity the line is still so limited.

These minis will probably do double duty, in both British service (as Graham's Irregulars) and French service (as Xanthe Desert Goumiers). I still need to paint European officers for the respective nationalities.

RAFM Steppe Martians
Animation: 4
Detail: 4
Proportions: 4
Variety: 1
Overall: 3.25 out of 5

Release the harka!

- finis -


  1. Very nice. It's good to see how others see gashant colours.

    I'n still vacillating about mine - I'd like to do a two-tone look (dark on the uppers, then a shading to a lighter tone below) but I'm not sure I can be bothered painting that!


  2. They look nice, hope your adventures in the Red planet are fun.

  3. Bravo Sir,Love the feathers on the side of the head.I'd never picked them out before but shall if I ever get round to painting the current lead pile from RAFM. Sadly their plans to expand the range a few years ago went snafoo after a badly run/ill thought online public funding plan. I'm sure they must still have the plans tucked away somewhere. Just hope they will see the light of day soon?

  4. Thankee, Gents, for the kind words.

    Clive Me Auld Son, two-tone looks brilliant. Have a go, you won't regret it. Have a coloured wash on hand to blend the tones and Bob's it is.

    DLI - I remember that shambles by RAFM. "Let's change the scale, go steampunk, and set an arbitrary figure." Ninnyhammers.

  5. Nice work. I'm liking the unit names too. I didn't twig that there were feathers on the headbands - mine may get a re-paint.

  6. Very nice and a useful addition.


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