Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And More Œnotrian Artillery

Rounding out the Œnotrian artillery park is the mighty Lob Gun.

With RAFM 28mm figure for scale

While there is no direct Earth equivalent on the Soldier’s Companion artillery tables, the Lob Gun’s performance equates to that of a 10” or 11” mortar. As non-rifled, indirect artillery, a lob gun only hits on a 6, regardless of range.  However, with a range of 6 feet on the table, the lob gun can reach out and threaten most units in your average Soldier’s Companion game.

Lob Guns don’t work well against open order infantry, and are best used in defense of towns, where they can threaten enemy vehicles, like slow-moving British land juggernauts (tanks) and aerial gunboats. The Lob Gun’s slow rate of fire (1 shot per three turns) means they are best deployed in pairs, or even better, in threes.  Three Lob Guns, fired one per turn defending during a British assault, might goad the Red Terrans into launching a premature attack.

The particular model shown is from J.R. Miniatures and is cast in two-piece resin (base and barrel).

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  1. I have the same model. Never even thought of it as a lob gun, but it has been the focus of a battle or two, as the Germans try to use it to shell the British colony on Mars. Its capture/destruction was the objective.

  2. Hi J W.

    It's not marketed as a Lob Gun, and it might in fact be a bit bigger than Frank Chadwick envisioned. The heavy emplacement base made me think of it atop a wall.

    Just watched the Young Indiana Jones episode "Phantom Train" and was thinking about a Mars-based use for the Germans. I might get a second model to base on a flat-car.

    Thanks for hitting the "follow" button. I think I have your blog in my "favourites" folder.

    Keith F.

  3. Edit and repost:
    I have been eyeing this model.

    See http://civilwarwiki.net/wiki/The_Dictator_Mortar for inspiration.


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