Tuesday, February 28, 2023

28mm Victorian/Edwardian Miniature Sources

 Presented for you delectation is a list of Victorian Sci-Fi/"Steampunk" Miniatures in 28mm

Blue Moon/Old Glory
                Things that go Bump
                Darkest Africa
                OG/West Wind

Brigade Games
                Ends of the Earth - good potential Cabriolet
                Victorian Age
                Gaslight Terrain & Buildings

Casting Room Miniatures

CP Miniatures

Ironclad Miniatures
                Victorian SciFi

Northstar Miniatures
                Northstar Steampunk
                In Her Majesty's Name
                Copplestone High Adventure

Oshiro Models
                Highgate Miniatures

Wargames Foundry
                Victorian Edwardians (Casting Room)
                Darkest Africa
                Egyptian Adventure

West Wind Games
                Empire of the Dead
                Vampire Wars

Wyrd Miniatures
                Malifaux - Avant-Fnordist twaddle with the occasional diamond in the dross, especially the terrain bits (which are really useful). The buildings (32mm) are too big for use with some other lines, the character concepts and realisations are too far over-the-top for my tastes - especially given the "decadent anime" course vers le bas of the present age.

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